An Interim Manager Is an Outcome Focused Leader with Good Communication, Change Management, and Strategic Thinking Skills.


When You need skilled, experienced leadership to pursue opportunities, make strategic transactions or other management needs, Advion Group can offer your right professionals for Your needs.

YourInterim managers offer deep leadership, financial management and operating experience with the highest levels of industry expertise for Your needs.

The right YourInterim manager can:

  • Bring an independent set of eyes to evaluate the current state of affairs and help company to the new path.
  • Stabilise an environment to provide direction and leadership during the possible transition.
  • Bring specific experience that may not be available in the company.
  • Fill an urgent resource need e.g. in case of longer absence of managers

What is a YourInterim Manager?

YourInterim represents a new, more efficient management. It combines accomplishments, results and responsibility. For clients, YourInterim Manager is a risk-free and flexible way to acquire highly qualified skills for fixed-term projects. YourInterim Manager can also get part-time, for example, just one day a week. The duration of the assignments typically ranges from three months to a year or two.

YourInterim manager will execute a contract with the client company transferring his know-how and experience to the work community.

When to Use a YourInterim Manager?

YourInterim Managers are truly strategic resources in client organisations. Besides supplementing a shortage of competences or resources in the organisation, they are able to help solving various crisis. Moreover, YourInterim Managers can also lead transition projects.

YourInterim Managers are solely responsible for business. They report directly to the client’s management.

Why to Use a YourInterim Manager?

An experienced YourInterim Manager is available to fill your urgent manager, leader and director needs.

YourInterim is generally over qualified for that task, which ensurse the best possible results.

YourInterim Manager focuses just on project objectives and is responsible for meeting them. He is not participating in company routines.

In many cases, YourInterim Manager is the most cost-effective way to get things done

YourInterim Manager is an outside insider within an organisation.

YourInterim Manager is both a Generalist and a Specialist!

All our YourInterim Managers have both general management and specialist skills. Thus we are able to provide You with a wide range of expertise practically in all business functions. Most of YourInterim Managers have worked at C level positions. Each and every YourInterim Manager has enough experience to undertake projects requiring experience and expertise.


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