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Changing World Is also Changing Your Business Demands

YourGlobe speeds up your international business in every phase of it. Your company can just plan to go international, or your company can already do business in several countries but needs a kick into the sales or in some other function. Advion Group supports your business in a very unique way and safeguards that new business seamlessly fits into your current business. We do not just advice, we also execute and monitor the evolution of your company.

With the help of our international network we make sure that you always get reliable information from different markets and actors within each of the market. YourGlobe connects our service effectively to the network which supports your growth as well in Europe as in other continents. Our personnel gives its years of experience to your benefit. We produce accurate and correct information exactly when you need it.

Our services include advisory support in many ways which we separately customize to every customer. That is why to list all of them here would be impossible. Services may, nevertheless, include following issues:

  • market analysis
  • import/export related services
  • distribution channel screening and selection
  • productisation, branding and commercialization
  • marketing and marketing channels
  • setting up an organization and its development
  • development of company’s readiness to international business
  • presenting business opportunities from our international partners

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