Successful Business Transformation Requires a Deep Understanding of People, Processes and Technology.


Operational Restructuring

Need for performance improvement? Our operational and financial experts drive performance and profitability improvement, cost reduction, business re-positioning and revenue growths initiatives for a struggling business. We analyze, plan and execute to help your business to become more profitable.

Turnaround Management

When companies and their stakeholders need guidance in financial or operational restructurings, M&A transactions or manage financing and liquidity crises, Advion Group Turnaround plan and implement required changes rapidly. We are accustomed to guide You through crises and making tough decisions when needed.

Examples of our services:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • MBO, MBI, LBO,
  • Capital raising and Private placement
  • Obtain Finance
  • Optimize your Working Capital
  • Optimize your Balance Sheet
  • Invest or Divest
  • Sell & Lease back operations
  • Get ELY funding, EIR funding
  • Apply Horizon2020 funding
  • Get guarantee/warranty
  • Spin-offs, Divestments , Valuations and Investments
  • Full Cross-Border transaction readiness and network
  • Buy and Sell, X-border technology transfer
  • Business takeover, business handover & Integration
  • Success in generational turnovers
  • Find buyer –find seller assignments
  • Ensure – Due diligence (also market and reputation DD)
  • Execute transaction
  • Improve performance & profitability
  • Secure cash flow
  • Launch new business model
  • Boost Start-up companies to fly
  • Establish Joint Ventures
  • Build distribution and sales channels
  • Find new partners
  • Find right contacts
  • Build business networks


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