Business opportunities in Mexico – an export and investment seminar on  the 7th March 2017

Mexico has recently been in the news more than usual. The foreign trade infrastructure and trading partners of Mexico will most likely somehow change in the next few years, not only due to the radical policy changes of the United States.

By the adjusted purchasing power parity, Mexico is the 11th largest economy in the world, and with a large population of 123 million inhabitants, is hosting a very large middle class client base with a good purchasing power. Although the country is rich in natural resources, its economy is not based on exports of raw materials, but on its industrial output.

Mexico has recognized its needs to protect the environment and increasing needs of energy calls for attention. Therefor Mexico  has developed a solid program in the investments on circulation economy; this is renewable energy, waste water management and waste treatment.

Renewable energy sources include investments in solar (PV-) energy, wind and wave energy, and  the waste management covers processing of  both organic and inorganic waste. All areas of circulation economy are developing strongly, offering considerable business opportunities for competitive companies in these segments.

Advion Group and its partners will hold a business meeting on Tuesday  7th March 2017 in Helsinki, where the current situation of  Mexico, as well as the various business opportunities will be analyzed and discussed from a number of  different perspectives.

The seminar program can be found here.

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