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World Class Multi Talent Event Company

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The company has over 25 years of experience and an excellent reputation as an event management company and a booking office in Finland

The company organizes annually hundreds of events, undertakes technical productions and sets up a large number of various types of exhibitions stands and structures

The company has an extremely experienced and competent management and key staff

The company’s strategic objective is to expand its business activities and services into the international markets

The capital raising shall facilitate the growth possibilities and provides for an investment opportunity to an experienced party.


The company is ready to grow both in the domestic and in the international market

Ability to continue aggressive sales activity to win new large scale customers

The volumes of exhibitions and large fairs are increasing and the company wants to engage in that business more intensively

The company is looking for an investor & partner with competent personnel to implement the projects and with an experience in event and exhibition business. Alternatively an investor with a firm and clear vision as to how to enter into an international event management business would be a desired amendment to the group of owners.

The company provides for a technical and sale expertize and experience with modern and adequate production studios and workshops, designs and personnel to produce the venue


The company has been established in 1991 and it has since then grown through a number of acquisitions

Wide customer base of esteemed Finnish and international companies

An excellent operational infrastructure facilitates event management in all conditions, venues and climates

An extensive roster of domestic artists and a portfolio of domestic music publishing rights

Extensive and professional event services, exhibition stands and structures and technical productions



A Finnish technology company for sale!

The company has forty years pedigree in technology industry, operating in Eastern part of Finland with over 4000 sqm.  of floor space. The company employs currently around 30 professionals who operate more than 10 CNC-machines,

The company’s own production is complimented by an extensive network of partners around the world, with whom the company can supply the customer with a complete solutions, up to demanding subassemblies.

For more information

Ari Virtanen

+ 358 40 351 84 93

Business opportunities in Mexico – an export and investment seminar on  the 7th March 2017

Mexico has recently been in the news more than usual. The foreign trade infrastructure and trading partners of Mexico will most likely somehow change in the next few years, not only due to the radical policy changes of the United States.

By the adjusted purchasing power parity, Mexico is the 11th largest economy in the world, and with a large population of 123 million inhabitants, is hosting a very large middle class client base with a good purchasing power. Although the country is rich in natural resources, its economy is not based on exports of raw materials, but on its industrial output.

Mexico has recognized its needs to protect the environment and increasing needs of energy calls for attention. Therefor Mexico  has developed a solid program in the investments on circulation economy; this is renewable energy, waste water management and waste treatment.

Renewable energy sources include investments in solar (PV-) energy, wind and wave energy, and  the waste management covers processing of  both organic and inorganic waste. All areas of circulation economy are developing strongly, offering considerable business opportunities for competitive companies in these segments.

Advion Group and its partners will hold a business meeting on Tuesday  7th March 2017 in Helsinki, where the current situation of  Mexico, as well as the various business opportunities will be analyzed and discussed from a number of  different perspectives.

The seminar program can be found here.

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Synthetic fuel production system and patents

The company holds various patents for the Hydrogenation of Carbon Dioxide to Hydrocarbons, and has created the key for the process, catalyst that lead to good conversions of CO2 and H2, with which it is possible to successfully produce fuel using a direct synthesis of CO2 and H2. Full patent and technology description is available on request to qualified investors

Transaction; Capital raising

Category; Renewable energy

Contact; Ari Virtanen, Advion Group Ltd.



South American investor seeks technology transfer projects

Group of investors are trying to find revolutionary projects produced by leading IT companies in the selected countries, who want to expand their business to South America.

Transaction; Technology transfer

Category; Communication, internet

Contact; Ari Virtanen, Advion Group Ltd.

Online/Offline advertising platform

The product creates a unified development and delivery environment providing access to consistent, accurate and timely data, by bridging and connecting offline and online worlds. This can assist marketers and publishers to convert offline data to online data, web analytics and mobile channels into information that can be used to support business goals. Its an one-stop shop solution for human data , demographic information, ad rates, ad campaign schedule planning, ad buys, and creative development, reducing transaction time and costs for buyers and sellers of advertising spots.

Transaction; Capital raising

Category; IT software/hardware

Contact; Juhani Kiiskinen, Advion Group Ltd.

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