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Advion Group and Viento Trading have signed an agreement of co-operation aimed at promoting and implementing trade between Finland and Colombia. The agreement covers business in both directions.

Colombia is the fourth largest market in Latin America after Brazil, Mexico and Argentina and one of the fastest growing economies in the region. Colombia has great reserves of natural resources, and there is much demand for products and services in segments where Finland has world-class know-how.

Colombia’s main development sectors cover the following:

  • The state infrastructure program addresses the needs for building new ports, roads and tunnels.
  • The management and development of the country’s extensive forest resources and the value chain development are among the government’s top projects.
  • Demand for the development of Cleantech and Smart Cities is growing rapidly in large cities in the country.
  • Finnish water management expertise has demand both in the industrial and household segments.
  • The entire education sector is calling for structural change and expertise from primary school to university level curriculum.
  • Tourism is a rapidly growing segment and the Colombian natural habitat offers entirely new destinations for tourists in the future.

“We are able to provide a one-stop-shopping service for Finnish companies, which will enable such companies to reach the growing market in Colombia,” says Andres Archila, Founder of Viento Trading. ” Our comprehensive services cover the whole value chain from an initial market research to starting operations, development of local activities and operations. Partner search and financing, business start-ups and funding, business premises, staff, PR and marketing are also part of our service offering” continues Andres Archila.

“Co-operation with Viento Trading brings a new element to Advion’s Central and South America´s services. We are entering the market in good time to be prepared for the new Colombian projects. Local presence, cultural knowledge and native language skills are key prerequisites for the entering into contracts “, says Veli-Matti Nopanen, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Advion Group.

In picture; MD Andres Archilla, Viento Trading & CoB Veli-Matti Nopanen, Advion Group

The acceleration of trade between countries is greatly facilitated by the Free Trade Agreement signed between Colombia and the EU. Colombia is also the member of the Pacific Alliance. The opening of the Embassy of Finland in Bogotá in September 2017 will also be a major step in activate the trade between the countries.


Ari Virtanen, Advion Group

+358 40 351 84 93

Andres Archilla, Viento Trading

+358 40 143 24 90


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