An agreement to support Finnish Water Management and Exports

Finnish Water Forum, Vesiotec Ltd. and Advion Group Ltd have signed an agreement for international cooperation in strategic development of water management. The aim of this cooperation agreement between the parties is to enter new, emerging markets where the availability of clean water is a challenge.

Today, more than 1.6 billion people have problems with the availability of clean water, even though the water reserves should be adequate to all the people in the world. However, the UN estimates that by 2025, up to two-thirds of the world’s population will suffer from water scarcity.

The growing need for clean water coupled with the megatrends of urbanization, global growth of the industry and the ever-increasing environmental awareness which entail tighter environmental standards, offer Finnish companies in water segment huge international business opportunities.

In addition to technology expertise, a significant number of international business experts can also be found in Finland and their expertise is crucial in the entry process to the global market. The available business opportunities require unprecedented utilization of both complementary technologies and available business know-how.

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“We look forward to new significant customer relationships to our services,” says Vesiotec’s Board member Jani Härkki. “This great branded service is ideally suited to our international projects. We are able to bring it up in many of our programs, “continues Ari Virtanen, CEO of Advion Group with enthusiasm.

The Finnish Water Forum  aims to promote the export of Finnish water expertise. The Finnish Water Forum combines the efforts of the private and public sector to increase the international activity of Finnish water expertise and to promote the international activities of its members. Membership provides new opportunities for cooperation, increased personal competence, increased visibility of the water sector and the development of the operating environment.

Vesiotec Ltd.  is a company specializing in designing and manufacturing of management processes and software products. Vesiotec has developed a highly diversified and impeccable management system for large water networks that provides for observation and management of water status, its use, quality, safety, sufficiency and observance of other properties of water.  The water companies and the entire national network can be examined and managed with one system in a controlled manner.

Advion Group Ltd. is a partner in business growth, development and internationalization. The main services are Advion’s YourGlobe, which focuses on internationalization processes of companies, YourChange, consisting of demanding business structuring, restructuring and change programs and YourInterim, a dedicated interim management service. Advion is one of Finland’s leading company in this field of business in terms of experience. In addition to Finland and the Baltic Sea area, the market areas include Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Russia.

For additional information please contact:

Ari Virtanen

  • Advion Group Oy
  • +358 40 351 8493

Markus Tuukkanen

  • Finnish Water Forum
  • +358 40 865 31 75

Jani Härkki

  • Vesiotec Oy
  • +358 40 702 83 20


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