Greetings from MWC 2018 Barcelona!

Mobile World Congress 2018 took place in Barcelona, Spain, February 26 through March 1st, 2018. The event is almost beyond imagination and understanding. Mobility presented itself in almost all possible forms, not anymore as a cell phone connectivity.

One of the highlights in MWC2018 were cars. The 5G system will be an obvious and a standard feature in future car, as natural part of it as the engine (whether the engine is a combustion engine, a hybrid or an electric one).

The smart city theme with different human functions and possibilities is  developing rapidly. A connected car will not only decide upon the routing and speed, safety and speed but will perform other functions, as well. An unmanned metro train is already running in Barcelona. Main line trains will follow soon and container ships will be sailing unmanned soon after 2020, if not before.

Telecommunication will be finetuning and a lot of attention it paid to the improvement of network operability  and reliability. The network availability below 99% will hardly be an option in the future.

As the e-healthcare is being developed in all parts of the world, including emerging markets, the patient volumes and importance of availability of treatment do not permit delays.

Artificial intelligence, visual aids, hearing implants, and MedTech as such will be showing the way to development in a accelerating speed.




Ari Virtanen ( CEO, Advion Group) and Harri Tammi ( CEO, Proxion Solutions Oy ) at the Qroi stand at the MWC2018 event.





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